Licensing Classes & OARC VE Test Sessions

VE test sessions are your opportunity to become a ham, or upgrade your current license. Exam sessions are held in Ogden every few months, usually the first Wednesday in February, June, and October. Other sessions are held often in the region. It is possible to find a test session every month somewhere in northern Utah or southeastern Idaho.

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How To Become A Ham ... It Might Be Easier Than You Think! 
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  • KE0OG (Tech Training Video)
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  • HamRadioExam (Apple/Andriod)

Next OARC Licensing Class:

OARC General Class Licensing Class (via Zoom) >>> each Wednesdays evening during March 2021, 7 pm - 9 pm Note: Instructors needed.

No pre-enrollment required. However if you desire or have any questions, send an email to w7su@arrl.net with subject = "class".

Note: A special VE Test Session will follow each licensing class (stay tuned)

OARC Extra Class Licensing Class  (via Zoom) >>> Coming in April/May 2021 stay tuned

OARC Tech Class Licensing Class  (via Zoom) >>> Coming this September 2021 stay tuned

Text book: Stu Turner W0STU - buy online at Amazon
Free online learning media at: www.HamRadioSchool.com

VP - Justin Hall KB7LAK

Next OARC Weber County VE Test Session:

Next   VE Test Session 1st Wednesday 02 June 2021 

also ... VE Test Session 1st Wednesday 06 October 2021

      New Location: Utah Military Academy - 5120 S 1050 W Riverdale UT 84405

More information posted below. All Covid-19 safety precautions observed!

Exam sessions are held in Ogden, usually the first Wednesday in February, June, and October.

New Location: Utah Military Academy - 5120 S 1050 W Riverdale UT 84405









Congratulations to the hams that successfully tested at the
03 February 2021 OARC Weber County VE Test Session  
Sutton, Kathy K8RYN Extra    
Sutton, Lonnie N0INC Extra    
Disque, Robert L. KJ7UFM General    
Ferguson, Max KA7TYX General    
Purrington, Mark KB7ZOX General    
Shern, Beverly KJ7UFG General    
Shern, Joseph C. KJ7TVO General    
Wiberg, Reid N7RPW General    
Bailey, David S. KJ7UGA Tech    
Bailey, Kevin KJ7UGB Tech    
Bailey, Kjersten KJ7UGC Tech    
Buttars, Alan KJ7UFN Tech    
Charlesworth, Jeffrey J. KJ7UFT Tech    
Charlesworth, Marcus KJ7UFY Tech    
Dickson, Allan KJ7UFP Tech    
Eller, David Glen KJ7UFE Tech    
Farnsworth, Wendy KJ7UFU Tech    
Ferguson, Jeanette KJ7UGG Tech    
Hall, Norman S. KJ7UFR Tech    
Hietala, Martin KJ7UFW Tech    
Iarossi, Eileen KJ7UFJ Tech    
Jacobs, Breon R. KJ7UFL Tech    
Jeppson, Kyle D. KJ7UFQ Tech    
Johnson, Patrick KJ7UFX Tech    
Keeler, Jolon KJ7UFV Tech    
Martinson, Dana KJ7UFF Tech    
Martinson, David C. KJ7UFH Tech    
Mayoral, Leopoldo M. KJ7UFI Tech    
Ortiz, Cory KJ7UFK Tech    
Rapoza, Cody KJ7UFS Tech    
Roberts, Larry KJ7UGE Tech     
Robinson, Devon T. KJ7UGD Tech    
Walker, Stephen KJ7UFO Tech    
Wurm, Richard Jr. KJ7UFZ Tech    


VE Liaison - Rick Morrison W7RIK w7rik@arrl.net (801-791-9364)  VE IT Assistant - Jason Miles KE7IET            

Note: Walk-ins allowed

Cost: $14.00
Bring: Two forms of ID, one of which must be a picture ID.
For "Upgrades" bring current license and a copy of current license, and any CSCE's.

The test fee is charged just once, no matter whether you take any one, two, or all three test elements.
Re-tests of an element failed at the same test session will require payment of an additional test fee.

Most calculators are allowed. Calculator memories must be cleared before use.


Upcoming ARRL VEC-listed sessions within 100 miles of Ogden.

Renew your license for free here: http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/

The renewal process is described in a bit of detail on this page:

Updated 10 February 2021