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OARC April Meeting

Date: 3rd Saturday 21 April 2018

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Riverdale Fire Station MAP

Stan Sjol – W0KP

Call Signs, Call Sign History, Phonetics,  Maiden Head Grid Square System



Next OARC VE Test Session in Weber County: details

VE Test Session >>> 1st Wednesday 06 June 2018 @ 6:00 PM





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Repeater  Update


The 146.90 repeater, on Mt Ogden, now uses a DCS squelch of 122. It used to use a PL or CTCSS tone of 123. Notice the 122 and 123 are really close to each other. This is on purpose, to help people remember the code number. 

So, in order to use this repeater, it will be necessary to reprogram your radio. If you need help in doing this refer to your radio manual. If you cannot understand the manual, get help from another ham to assist you. There are plenty of people that are willing to assist you with this.

You will notice a few things about it use. If you are a person that likes to kerchunk repeaters, you cannot kerchunk this repeater. It will come up, but you will not hear it. The squelch tail at the end of your transmission is gone. When someone talks on the repeater, the moment they let go of the mic button, the signal goes away on your radio. Instead of the noise, it will just sound silent. This will take some getting used to. If you look at your S meter on your radio, you see that there is still a signal there for a moment, but you will not hear it.

Also, as long as you do not have tone squelch turned on, on your radio, you can still hear the repeater, but you will just not be able talk to it until you reprogram it.

Mike Fullmer, KZ7O           Scott Willis, KD7EKO







HAM and EGGS Net

Tuesday Evenings at 7:00 PM Mountain Time

Mt Ogden 70 cm repeater 448.600 MHz (- Offset, 123.0 PL Tone)

New, Intermediate & Old Timers. Elmering, Education, General Ham Discussion and Rag Chew.

New hams encouraged to check in. Get connected, learn new things and ask questions.

Questions: Mike Neal  K7MLN@hotmail.com 



Several new members have ordered pre-paid club badges that have not been claimed. You can claim your badge at any club function, meeting, activity or event or contact the club badge czar / club treasurer Jerry KG7IGW.














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OARC became an ARRL affiliated club: 30 January 1937


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